• Nationality  |  Korean American
  • Base  |  Seoul, Korea

Experience in cultural diversity and expertise in music are two noteworthy strength of David Jongkwon Kim, giving him an ability to think and view the world differently. Perhaps, it is because he had spent his youth in South America and had finished college in New York, the cultural melting pot.

After getting back to Korea, he utilized his musical/visual sense and started filming “Seoul Got Soul” series which made him a rising star director in commercial and subculture film scene.

Since then, he once again travelled around few countries, filming several global projects from major companies including Samsung.

As you can see form his past works, his films stand out from others. He believes accurately capturing and delivering the literal emotion he felt is the key to appealing films.

For him, films are media to communicate with viewers as well as the true portrait showing who he is. Although he takes most happiness out of his filming works, he knows how to be serious when he has to.

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